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Summer Program is available.  Please visit the Summer Program page.

Gilad Bloom Tennis has been operating in New York City since 2000, now entering its 19th year of operation.  We are a boutique junior program geared for juniors of all ages.

Gilad Bloom Tennis is a year-round program offering group sessions, private lessons and personal tournament travel, seven days a week.  Our program is run by Gilad ensuring hands-on, personal attention. There is strong emphasis on technique, footwork, and attention to detail. We guarantee a maximum of four players per court.

Teach The Beginner Like A Pro And The Pro Like A Beginner

Gilad Bloom


For more information, E-mail Gilad Bloom or fill in the form and we will get back to you shortly.

Tel: (914) 907-0041     E-mail:

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During the Outdoor season Gilad Bloom Tennis runs sessions at Riverdale Tennis Center located at 3671 Hudson Manor Terrace, Riverdale, New York, 10463.

During the Indoor season Gilad Bloom Tennis runs sessions at New York Tennis Club Indoors located at 3180 Harding Avenue, Throgs Neck, New York, 10465.

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