In this article I'm talking about a question that I get asked a lot by my students and their parents- how many hours a week should a junior player train in order to reach a College level.


My main point is quality over quantity, with a balanced schedule and a good tennis program it is possible to reach that level and still keep your grades at school and still have a normal balanced childhood while doing it.  

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In this article I'm talking about the top five things a coach should not do.


As the old saying goes, “You should always learn from your mistakes.” I add to that you should also learn from other people's mistakes...

In this article I'm talking about The Top Six Life-Altering Experiences That Changed My Life as a Tennis Player. 


In any player's life, there are defining moments. These moments can take place while playing a match, while watching someone else play, or simply by having a conversation. When looking back at my 42 years in this game as a player and a coach, I can single out a few events that had a lasting effect on me and shaped me to be the person, player and coach that I am today


Proposed New Rule Changes: Good or Bad for Tennis? 

In this article I’m discussing the new rules that are suggested and the affect on players and coaches.

Choking: A Player's Worst Nightmare

In this article talk about a common problem -choking, why it happens, how to deal with it, how to prevent it.

What I Would Change About Tennis 

In this article I’m going over the things that I think are wrong about the game today.

In this article I write about certain unusual situations that a coach might face and how to deal with those situations.

In this article I write about the ever evolving game and the coach’s job of keeping up with the changes in the game.

In this article I write about what it is that makes a great champion.


Over my years of meeting and knowing a lot of great champions, I realize that there are a lot of similarities between them, and that they all have a few basic traits that are essential. These traits helped them not only achieve greatness, but maintain it for a long time.

In this article I'm discussing whether to teach or not to teach volley, my approach is the "old school approach". 

In today’s day and age, 99 percent of the players use a two-handed backhand and most players are playing a typical baseline style.  Approaching the net, volleying and having a transition game are something of a lost art. 

In this article I talk about the things I do to prepare my students for tournaments.

Building Your Resume as a Coach: Part One

In this article I talk about how to build your resume as a coach.  

The first 5 points are on this article and part 2 contains points 6-11.

Building Your Resume as a Coach: Part Two

This is the second part of the article:  Building Your Resume As c Coach.  In this article I bring 6 more points of building your resume as a coach.

The Balance Between Stroke Development and Competition

In this article I discuss the balance between stroke development and competition.

Breaking Down the Complexities of Tennis

In this article I break down the complexities of tennis.

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